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1. How do I reduce the sun’s forward glare when I amdriving?
- Applying a tint to the front windscreen should help. When applyingtint to the front windscreen, it is important that you apply it onlylengthwise at the top third of the windscreen. That way you reduce glareand at the same time maintain 100% unimpeded visibility even duringpoor light conditions.
2. My old car was has custom engine fittings, color coded electricalcables, and a transparent distributor cap. I recently bought a new car.Would it be possible to transplant the parts from my old car to thenew one?
- Yes, only if your old car is the same model as your new car. Enginefittings and parts are built to exacting manufacturer standards andcome in shapes and sizes particular to that manufacturer only. So hightension cables in, say, Japanese cars would certainly not always fitin American or European cars.
3. I parked my car at a public parking space recently and whenI returned I discovered my wheels were stolen. Is there any way to preventthis?
- Yes. Aside from the obvious need to park in safe, well lighted andguarded areas, certain tire rim manufacturers have come up with a novelway of preventing wheel theft. Locking lug nuts and specially shapedwheel lugs require a special tool which acts as a key to unlock andloosen them. The locks are designed to be unique so one car owner’skey tool would not unlock someone else’s wheel lock.

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